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Keeping safe

Please treat people with respect. Treat them like you’d like to be treated, and treat them like you’d treat them if you were there face to face :)

You might not like the club they support, and you might not like their views, but stay polite and avoid insulting people. We’re all in this together - this battle to save the planet. So let’s not make it more difficult by upsetting people.

Age limits

Although we want people of all ages to take part in Planet League, there are guidelines in place to protect youngsters.

If you are under 13 you need a parent or guardian to sign up for you.

Kids, you can tell them: “Planet League is an online sustainability tournament where fans can sign up to represent their football club. We score goals by completing green activities at home, at school and at work. The website is”.

Uploading photos

When you score a goal you have to upload a photo to prove you’ve done the activity you say you have.

We check the photograph to make sure that it really represents that activity it is supposed to. Although we try and check all the photos, it’s possible that some get missed.

This means that it is doubly important that you only upload photographs which are genuinely of the activity you have completed.

Photos should not include anything offensive and should include no nudity.

Tell us if you see something wrong

If you see any photos which are offensive or inappropriate please let us know. You can do this by clicking on the flag next to any photo and we'll take a look.

Please don’t mis-use this feature. Only flag photos which are really problematic.

Friends: following and being followed

We’ve introduced a “friends” feature. The purpose of this function is so you can follow your mates and see how they are getting on with the activities and challenges on the platform.

If you want to follow another player on Planet League you can click on their profile and ask to follow them. If they approve you, then you can follow their progress in Planet League, and see what activities they are doing.

If someone wants to follow you, then you’ll see a follow request in the notifications bell and the user name of the person asking. Make sure it’s someone you know and then you can approve them. If you are unsure it is your friend, you can first check with your friend. If you don't want them to see your pictures then reject their request.

You can also un-approve someone any time you like.

If you ever have questions just message us.